2024 Seminar Schedule – Coming Soon

Educational or Informational Seminars are FREE to all RV show attendees.
Seminars are held directly across from the Vendor exhibit area.
Come listen to the presentations, visit with the speakers and pick-up free handouts and tips.
Each day the seminars are identical from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM, plus two additional seminars on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 5:30 PM & 6:30 PM.


2023 Seminar Schedule

SO, YOU WANT TO RV FULL-TIME?  Presented by Larry & Robyn Schultz, Escapees RV Club: So, you’re interested in traveling full-time in your RV? We’ll discuss some of the reasons people choose this lifestyle and address common concerns to overcome when starting your full-time RVing adventure.
FIVE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY AN RV  Presented by Terry Cooper, Texas RV Professor with the National RV Training Academy: Towable vs Motorized. Have you thought about which RV would be best for you and your lifestyle? With so many choices, you need to know the features and benefits of the perfect unit for you.
GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR RV KITCHEN  Presented by Lady E Cooper- Cookbook Author and Seminar Presenter and Executive Director with the National RV Training Academy: Whether you are just getting started in the RV experience or are an RV veteran, this session will help take the mystery out of using your RV kitchen appliances like the RV refrigerator, convection microwave, induction cooktops and so much more!
VOLTS, AMPS AND PURPLE MONKEYS  Presented by Terry Cooper, Texas RV Professor with the National RV Training Academy: Every RV has 3 separate electrical systems. Learn how each system impacts the operation of the various devices found in today’s RV. You will be introduced the terminology and usage of each one of these electrical systems. You will learn how a Purple Monkey can trip you up while you are working to resolve some of your issues.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN THE RV INDUSTRY – Presented by the Terry Cooper, Texas RV Professor – National RV Training Academy: Are you looking to make a career change? Want to learn more about your RV? You now have an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge to become a RV Dealer Technician, Mobile RV Technician or just help others as you travel in your RV. Come be a part of the discussion and learn how the RV industry can be your new adventure. Q & A Session.
FALL IN LOVE WITH TEXAS STATE PARKS – Presented by Erin Freiboth, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department:Now that you have that new RV…where do you go? Learn about all the great state parks which are perfect for RVing.